The Horrific Consequences Of Ideas

Due to the recent outing of Abortion provider Planned Parenthood over their sale of organs and body parts ( To watch the first 2 videos, click here and here, there will be 12 in total), I felt it necessary to point a couple of things regarding the larger ethical problem.

One of the most crucial arguments for the pro-life position is the SLED test. SLED stands for: size, level of development, environment, and degree of dependency. These four categories can be used to show that most of the so-called justifications for abortion are based on degreed qualities, and that the same justifications could be used for killing a newborn or toddler. Let’s look at an example:

It is often said that abortion should be allowed because the baby cannot survive outside the woman anyway. This justification is based on the degree of dependency. The problem is that I could use the same justification for killing my 3 year old, as he is completely dependent on my wife and me to survive. My guess is that the person trying to justify abortion would have a problem with this, but their logic would allow for it. This is what is known as a logical slippery slope. When the logic used for justifying one thing justifies something appalling, then the logic should not be used for making ethical decisions.

When we use degreed qualities to justify the killing of humans, it will always result in appalling consequences. In Nazi Germany, being a Jew made it acceptable to kill you. After all, you were less than human in that society. Those who think that human person-hood can be denied based on arbitrary, degreed qualities chosen by those in the position of power, would likely change their tune should they find themselves with a sword on their neck in Iraq, or staring down the barrel of a gun as a Jew in a concentration camp.

In recent years, there have been ethicists who have caught onto this logical inconsistency, but instead of retreating from it, they tried to move even further down the path of depravity. People like Dr. Peter Singer, professor of Ethics at Princeton University, has argued that parents should be allowed to kill their children up to 30 days after being born. His logic is that if it’s OK to kill a baby inside the womb, what makes it so wrong after a “magical” 7 inch journey down the birth canal? After years of pro-life advocates pointing out that changing the baby’s location doesn’t make it more or less of a person, people like Singer said, “You know something? Those people are right. It doesn’t make the baby more of a person to change its location. Therefore since we feel justified in ramming some scissors into the baby’s skull and suctioning its brains out while it’s inside, it should be legal to do it outside the womb as well!”

Many thought that such an ideology was far too barbaric to ever be taken seriously. That was until Kermit Gosnell made headlines for running an abortion clinic in which he induced labor in women who were up to nine months pregnant, delivered the baby, and then cut its spinal cord with scissors or left it to die in a toilet. Hundreds of times. He is surely not the only one. He just got caught.

For all those who find this appalling, let me ask you: What is the difference? It’s cheaper to do it outside the womb than inside. Travelling 7 inches doesn’t make a newborn or a toddler or anyone else more or less human. Late term abortions happen all the time, all over the world. Why does everyone feel entitled to get on their high-horse and complain when an absolute monster like Gosnell, does the same thing that happens thousands of times a day, all over the world? There is no coherent defense that can be made by someone who has already accepted the bankrupt logic of the pro-choice position. If you think abortion is acceptable, you become quite hypocritical to denounce actions such as this.

Now move to Planned Parenthood: Two of its top national directors were caught on hidden camera, casually admitting over wine, to selling the organs and body parts from aborted babies. Why would they do this? How could they see this as compassionate? It’s simple really – they followed their own logic. If the baby in the womb is property, and not a human person, then it remains property after it has been chopped into pieces. Property can be sold, it happens every day. Therefore, the dead baby’s body parts get sold as property. And just like that, Planned Parenthood – and surely a host of other abortion providers – stepped onto the logical slippery slope and fell all the way down.

The appalling news of this discovery was likely not much of a surprise to those who have been arguing for the life of the baby in the womb for years. It has long been prophesied that the logic being used to justify abortion can and would be used to justify a host of other evils perpetuated against the human being in the womb, and those prophecies have been fulfilled. How did they know? Because they actually thought about it carefully.

Critical thinking has been drained from our society, and situations like this one exemplify the desperate need to bring it back. Only a completely naive person would think that human beings are not evil enough to jump onto a logical slippery slope like the one that exists in the case of abortion, and ride it into the sunset. That is nonsense. A quick look at history will show us that human beings are capable of horrific things, especially if they think it will benefit them in some way. We must be willing to take seriously the consequences of ideas. Those consequences can be horrific, and Planned Parenthood proved it yet again.

We need to do everything in our power to stop this evil. If you are a Christian, it is your responsibility to learn the pro-life logic, and teach it to others. You never know when you might save a life by changing someone’s mind. By being a people that exemplify compassion and clear thinking, we stand to make a much greater impact on this world than we presently are. Now get out there and save some babies! The clock is ticking…….