About This Site

My name is Nic. I have been married for 9 years, and have 2 sons and one slightly unstable Golden Doodle named Aslan. When I am not out defending Christianity, I am an electrician, which is much less exciting. I have been studying Christian Apologetics for years now and have obtained my Certificate in Apologetics from Biola University. My passion for apologetics began one day when I decided to pick the copy of Lee Strobel’s The Case For a Creator that had been sitting in my father in law’s bookshelf for probably 4 years. Page by page I began to see the solid case that was made for the existence of God, and by the time I was done the book I knew I would never be the same. (I really hope Lee Strobel sends me a cheque for the free advertisement).

Since then, I have worked through a small library of books on the defense of Christianity, listened to well over 1000 hours of podcasts about it, and annoyed every one that makes the mistake of starting a conversation with me with a barrage of information and arguments in favor of Christianity. In fact my belief in miracles stems from the fact that my wife has not gone crazy or left me despite all of this.

This blog is dedicated to helping Christians understand and articulate their faith and worldview, deal with objections, and learn critical thinking skills necessary to engage the often hostile culture in which they find themselves. We address moral, cultural, spiritual, philosophical, scientific, and other claims as they relate to our Christian worldview and attempt to bring clarity and confidence to the lives of those within the church. We also accept questions on anything in these areas, so feel free to submit them!

  1. Leslie Forgie says:

    This is a great website, Nic. Keep studying and sharing your passion; very important for believers!


  2. Patricio says:

    Good job Nic, I will follow you blog, thanks for put your time and passion on Jesus.
    God bless you.


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