Back off Atheists, We Were Born This Way

Posted: July 19, 2015 in Blog Post
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Even though I run the risk of repeating an idea I have expanded on before, I just simply couldn’t help myself on this one. Due to some recent comments by noted atheist Lawrence Krauss, I felt it necessary to point out what may be a somewhat unnoticed inconsistency in the worldview of such people.

Here is the problem as I see it: If atheism is true – as people like Lawrence Krauss and his belligerent band of followers so adamantly proclaim on their mission to silence any religious person who disagrees with them – then we have no free will. Ask Lawrence, I am sure he will tell you as much. But if we have no free will, then whatever we think is not our fault – we were born that way. Since being “born” a certain way can be used to justify all kinds of things in our world today, I figured I would claim it for theism.

A world where God does not exist, is a world where all life is the product of unguided, biological and chemical processes. Everything we think, feel, and believe would be the product of some purely natural chain of events within our brains, which we have no control over. This is a view called determinism, which is really what an atheist is left with if they are to be consistent. The funny thing about this view, is that I have never, ever, ever, ever, ever……..EVER found one person who can hold it consistently.

If the smart position is atheism, as the atheists certainly claim it is, and atheism entails determinism, then every atheist who holds the view should have no problem BACKING OFF the religious community for holding views they really have no control over anyway. But they won’t, because like I said, the view of determinism is so counter-intuitive that it cannot be held consistently.

Lawrence Krauss actually went on the record and said that teaching your children creationism was “child abuse.” Really Lawrence? What a bigoted thing to say. YOU believe those parents’ beliefs are determined by biology and physics don’t you? Why all the emotion? Why all the accusations?  Why the tireless efforts to disprove a belief that really in your view is just the product of evolution? My guess is because, hmmmm…..I don’t know….you can’t live within your own worldview?

This is the problem that exists when people embrace views with a complete lack of concern for their ability to correspond with the real world. I know it’s hard, but I really think it is in the best interest of people to be able to notice when they are holding two contradictory views in their head simultaneously. Logical consistency is an important thing to have in one’s worldview, and atheism’s lack of coherence with the real world is probably the main reason I could not be an atheist.

Just to solidify what I am saying, here is a little equation:

Atheism = Determinism = No Free Will = Rationality, Good, Evil, Love, Consciousness etc are an illusion

Theism = Free Will = Rationality, Good, Evil, Love, Consciousness are actually real.

I am fully aware that each part of those equations entails a discussion in and of itself, but the funny thing is, without free will, even those discussions would be meaningless! Only in a world where our thought processes are not determined can we meaningfully discuss anything. If there is no free will, we are not reasoning at all, just reacting.

To me, this is one of the most compelling reasons to believe that we live in a world created by a God who loved us enough to give us the ability to choose Him over this world. Free will undergirds the human experience in such a way that arguing against it is wildly counterintuitive.

But for all the antagonistic, atheistic determinists out there who insist we have no free will, I have one request: Since your pre-determined thought processes told you we are all determined, please be a little more tolerant of all us silly Christians who didn’t get that lucky, and stop trying to change our minds, since we don’t have the ability to choose your view over ours anyway. We were born this way. Don’t try to change who we are. Don’t try to force your morality on us. Just accept us, and celebrate our unchosen, determined, self-identity. It’s the loving, tolerant thing to do after all. Since everyone keeps telling us this is what love really is, it would be quite hypocritical to do any different.


  1. Regarding Calvinists vs Arminians everyone who asserts that we are born sinners are failing to see the same problem. If we are pre-determined to sin then free will is gone. Arguing for “born sinners” Augustine asserted that God took away free-will as a punishment for sin. So we need to push our belief in the incompatibility of freewill and pre-determined outcomes, and the incompatibility of “born sinners” with moral responsibility. if we assert that all are “born sinners” what argument do we have for the homosexuals or even pedophiles who argue that they were “Born a certain type of sinner”?


    • defendingyourfaith says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read!

      I am not quite sure what position you are arguing from or for, but the primary purpose of my post was to argue that free will of ANY kind is undermined by naturalism or materialism. As far as the debate between the Arminian/Calvinist position, I don’t accept the Calvinist position at this point primarily because I do believe it undermines moral responsibility, depending on how one cashes it out. I think there are good arguments on both sides, but the mere fact that rational discourse can be had demonstrates that determinism must be false. Otherwise each person is only saying and thinking what they were determined to say. Determinism however, is the logical outworking of atheistic materialism, which is one of many reasons I am convinced that atheism is false.


  2. Pastor Manuel says:

    Awakening issue that cannot be taking for granted.


  3. Rosee says:

    Mike, seriously? There are so many people against Christians and you choose to go on that wagon being a “brother”?


  4. mike says:

    “Atheism = Determinism = No Free Will = Rationality, Good, Evil, Love, Consciousness etc are an illusion
    Theism = Free Will = Rationality, Good, Evil, Love, Consciousness are actually real.”

    I am a Christian brother, but I think you are in danger of making too much and too little here. not all who disbelieve in the existence of the divine necessarily discount human free will. that would be stretching the sheet a bit thinner than is honest.
    the second thing is that not all Theists believe in ‘free will’. check out our brothers the reformed and Calvinistic, including some Lutherans.
    neither belief nor disbelief in a Monotheistic God’s existence has necessarily anything to do with acceptance or rejection of the concept of human free will.


    • defendingyourfaith says:

      Thanks Mike!

      I am quite aware that there are Theists who don’t believe we have free will, and I obviously disagree with them. My point is mainly that for even the possibility of free will to exist, God must exist. The in-house theological debates are not my issue here.

      Secondly, I am also aware that there are many atheists who believe in free will, but I believe they are being inconsistent, which was my point. If all that exists is matter, and every thought, feeling, action, response is simply the result of a natural string of biochemical events that came before it, then we have no free will. Simply asserting that we have free will, with no way to ground it, is inconsistent on the part of such atheists.


    • mike says:

      I think your position that free will requires God is unfounded. and since there are plenty, as we both agree, of atheists that actually hold to free will, and plenty of theists that don’t, the free will argument is at least unhelpful and at most fairly irrelevant. that was my point exactly. thx again for the reply. -mike


    • defendingyourfaith says:

      Hey Mike, I really dont think it matters who holds to what on either side. Reality is not relativistic. What matters is their reasons. That was my point.


  5. mclasper says:

    “Lawrence Krauss actually went on the record and said that teaching your children creationism was “child abuse.” Really Lawrence? What a bigoted thing to say. YOU believe those parents’ beliefs are determined by biology and physics don’t you? Why all the emotion? Why all the accusations?”

    People dislike creationism being taught to children mainly because it holds the world back. What has creationism ever done for the world? What can it predict? What can it do to help us better our lives? Studying evolution and DNA has brought up amazing discoveries in the fields of biology and medicine. Modifying plants and animals can have great benefits, whereas all Creation teaches you is that a magic being made everything and you have to devote your life to him.

    Furthermore, to the people who accept science, like scientists, Creationists are not regarded as people that can be credible. A quick internet search will give you a list of Creationist arguments that are just plain wrong, but are still repeated to this day. Trying to ‘prove’ pseudoscience whilst stubbornly holding religion above evidence does no good for anyone.


    • defendingyourfaith says:

      I am well aware that people dislike creationism. My point was that such people are being inconsistent if the hold to determinism, and then fault people for their beliefs.

      Likewise, I think you may be focusing on Young Earth creationism, which I do not agree with. That being said, it is naive of you to think that wholesale acceptance of Neo-Darwinian evolution is what accounts for most scientific discovery. Have a look at the discussion going on over “Junk DNA” which the evolutionists wrote off as useless to maintain their paradigm. It is the Intelligent Design Theorists who found out that “Junk DNA” is hardly junk at all, but serves a necessary function. To go further, if you believe that religious belief is a product of evolution, then it has done MUCH more to secure the flourishing of humanity than belief in evolution itself, and is therefore not child abuse, but good survival adaptation.

      And if you really think evolution is a done deal in the halls of academia, You may be interested in this article. It might get you thinking.


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