Back Off Atheists, We Were Born This Way!

Even though I run the risk of repeating an idea I have expanded on before, I just simply couldn’t help myself on this one. Due to some recent comments by noted atheist Lawrence Krauss, I felt it necessary to point out what may be a somewhat unnoticed inconsistency in the worldview of such people.

Here is the problem as I see it: If atheism is true – as people like Lawrence Krauss and his belligerent band of followers so adamantly proclaim on their mission to silence any religious person who disagrees with them – then we have no free will. Ask Lawrence, I am sure he will tell you as much. But if we have no free will, then whatever we think is not our fault – we were born that way. Since being “born” a certain way can be used to justify all kinds of things in our world today, I figured I would claim it for theism.

A world where God does not exist, is a world where all life is the product of unguided, biological and chemical processes. Everything we think, feel, and believe would be the product of some purely natural chain of events within our brains, which we have no control over. This is a view called determinism, which is really what an atheist is left with if they are to be consistent. The funny thing about this view, is that I have never, ever, ever, ever, ever……..EVER found one person who can hold it consistently.

If the smart position is atheism, as the atheists certainly claim it is, and atheism entails determinism, then every atheist who holds the view should have no problem BACKING OFF the religious community for holding views they really have no control over anyway. But they won’t, because like I said, the view of determinism is so counter-intuitive that it cannot be held consistently.

Lawrence Krauss actually went on the record and said that teaching your children creationism was “child abuse.” Really Lawrence? What a bigoted thing to say. YOU believe those parents’ beliefs are determined by biology and physics don’t you? Why all the emotion? Why all the accusations?  Why the tireless efforts to disprove a belief that really in your view is just the product of evolution? My guess is because, hmmmm…..I don’t know….you can’t live within your own worldview?

This is the problem that exists when people embrace views with a complete lack of concern for their ability to correspond with the real world. I know it’s hard, but I really think it is in the best interest of people to be able to notice when they are holding two contradictory views in their head simultaneously. Logical consistency is an important thing to have in one’s worldview, and atheism’s lack of coherence with the real world is probably the main reason I could not be an atheist.

Just to solidify what I am saying, here is a little equation:

Atheism = Determinism = No Free Will = Rationality, Good, Evil, Love, Consciousness etc are an illusion

Theism = Free Will = Rationality, Good, Evil, Love, Consciousness are actually real.

I am fully aware that each part of those equations entails a discussion in and of itself, but the funny thing is, without free will, even those discussions would be meaningless! Only in a world where our thought processes are not determined can we meaningfully discuss anything. If there is no free will, we are not reasoning at all, just reacting.

To me, this is one of the most compelling reasons to believe that we live in a world created by a God who loved us enough to give us the ability to choose Him over this world. Free will undergirds the human experience in such a way that arguing against it is wildly counterintuitive.

But for all the antagonistic, atheistic determinists out there who insist we have no free will, I have one request: Since your pre-determined thought processes told you we are all determined, please be a little more tolerant of all us silly Christians who didn’t get that lucky, and stop trying to change our minds, since we don’t have the ability to choose your view over ours anyway. We were born this way. Don’t try to change who we are. Don’t try to force your morality on us. Just accept us, and celebrate our unchosen, determined, self-identity. It’s the loving, tolerant thing to do after all. Since everyone keeps telling us this is what love really is, it would be quite hypocritical to do any different.